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Tresor Investment Management

Tresor offers tailor-made discretionary portfolio management services to Finnish institutional long-term investors. We specialise in designing portfolios to suit our clients’ particular requirements and to meet their investment objectives.

The client base consists predominantly of pension insitutions, pension funds and pension insurance companies. The second largest client group is congregations and other publicly owned organisations. Charitable institutions and non-proft organisations are also well represented in our client profile.

Tresor is fully owned by its operating staff and is completely independent of any interest group. Tresor is not engaged in mutual funds or fund management.

Tresor is a UNPRI signatory.

The Team

Our top quality team has been working together in investment management since the early 1990’s. We offer a high level of professionalism and we are personally committed and focused on managing quality portfolios giving added value in performance, downside protection and superior client service.

Heli Kämäräinen Managing Director
Tel. + 358 9 622 3020
Tony Rehn Marketing Manager
Tel. + 358 9 6122 3022
Petri Ukkola Portfolio Manager
Tel. + 358 9 6122 3021
Jussi Vaarnavuo Portfolio Manager
Tel. + 358 9 6122 3024
Hannu Ranki Economist
Tel. + 358 9 6122 3025
Annukka Perkiö Back Office
Tel. + 358 9 6122 3026